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Pallets are versatile when it comes to incorporating salvaged wood into the design of a room, from flooring to walls, tables to lighting fixtures, in the bedroom or in the office, kitchen or garden, you name it! A pallet (or a few of them) can go a long way!

Here are 5 creative ways to bring a pallet to new life:

1 – Desk

A rustic/industrial look can be added to your home office by putting together an easily assembled desktop, sustained by wooden or metal legs. The more variety in pallet boards and their treatment, the more the character!

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2 – Flooring

A variety of different shipping pallets, accurately sanded, stained and finished, offers a inexpensive, warm and custom made wood floor! Use different stains for the pallets to create a unique look!


3 – Wall

The same principle applied to floors, can double for a “vertical” use of pallet slats, giving a wall in the living room or office a completely distinctive vibe. Add a splash of color by treating some of the pallet slats with neutral colors such as light blues or greens.



4 – Wall Hanger/Holder

One full pallet could be repurposed for two different but similar uses. Half of it as a practical bottle and glass holder, a hanging bar, if you will! The other half, with the addition of some fun and colorful knobs, can serve as a coat hanger.

There are many more uses for a hanging pallet, sanded and stained; jewelry holder, picture frames or plants display, bathroom towels holder… the possibilities are endless!



5 – Patio Furniture

A couple of pallets combined with a few more pieces of scrap wood and some pillows can turn into cozy patio furniture, from sofas to lounge chairs and table. Use different tints of stain to add some warmth to the wood and some colored fabrics for a personalized touch!




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