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This week we’re looking at some clever ways to use five salvage items we’ve found roaming around markets and stores.

1 – Vintage nautical pulley turned light fixture. This wooden pulley, right off an old boat, has found a new life as a crafty light fixture perfect for an industrial looking space.


2- Old wine bottle drying rack turned glasses drying rack. When my grandpa would make his own wine, he used a similar looking rack to dry the empty bottles, before filling them. Today, it’s a cool addition to a kitchen counter, bringing glasses out of the cupboard and resting in plain view, contributing a country/funky feel.


3 – Vintage suitcases turned side table. Old style suitcases, in different sizes and color, can make for an inventive and colorful end table: just stack them and add an exotic touch to your bedroom or living room!

Stacked luggage as end table

4 – Old Chest turned coffee table. Antique chests such as this one can turn a coffee table into the focal point of a room! With or without a glass top, and as an extra storage device, it is really a treasure chest! This one from Living Spaces (retail $420) is a great find.


5 – Vintage signs turned wall décor. These road signs contribute a unique wall décor to any room and can be arranged in a fun way in a boy’s bedroom, as a wall mural, adding a lot of personality to the space!


Check out our Pinterest boards to get more ideas and let us know if we can help you incorporate these and other finds in your decor!

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