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Here are some useful tips to keep tidy the often most cluttered room in the house!

1 – Keep your tools organized in a pegboard tool cabinet,with small labeled cubbies underneath to store smaller items. Easy on the eye too!


2 – Bicycles can take up a lot of space for a family. Not if you cleverly hang them by the front tire to some hooks tied to a sturdy shelf. The shelf can also help store helmets and other items.


3 – The ceiling in a garage is often overlooked. When the height of it is enough to store more items, hanging some wooden handles from it with metal braces and some PVC pipes, provides a holder for your ladder(s).


4 – Garden tools are often left sparse throughout the garage and garden. With just a simple pallet turned the right way, you can have an instant compartmentalized holder to keep them all in one place. (Good for recycling the pallet too!)


5 – Lastly, for everything else that makes its way from the house to the garage, clean, labeled bins neatly organized on shelves, can solve the problem for even the most disorganized hoarders! Just name the bin and place its content in, et voila!


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