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Capturing Cozy Design

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This week we’d like to put the spotlight on a new, local business that is establishing itself as a unique and one-of-a-kind supplier of throws, pillows and accent furniture. Their catchy design style won the “Best Booth” award at the annual Las Vegas Market this past winter: Cozy Nomad Designs.

We discovered Cozy Nomad Designs while touring the halls of the LA Mart last week, looking for unique items for our clients. We were so impressed by the variety of products in the showroom and the friendly, welcoming energy from owner, Shadow Becker! Many of the products have a great story behind them. Shadow Becker, inspired by his world travels, has created a beautiful line of furniture and accessories reflecting the culture and customs of the people he meets.

I plan to bring some of these far away places into my home and you can do the same. Great and colorful fabrics and craftsmanship render every piece unique and extremely versatile: rugs, throws, pillows, chairs, ottomans. You can order direct on their website or contact us to assist you in integrating this fabulous look into your home!

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5 Tips To Keep A Tidy Garage/Basement

Category : Decor Centres

Here are some useful tips to keep tidy the often most cluttered room in the house!

1 – Keep your tools organized in a pegboard tool cabinet,with small labeled cubbies underneath to store smaller items. Easy on the eye too!


2 – Bicycles can take up a lot of space for a family. Not if you cleverly hang them by the front tire to some hooks tied to a sturdy shelf. The shelf can also help store helmets and other items.


3 – The ceiling in a garage is often overlooked. When the height of it is enough to store more items, hanging some wooden handles from it with metal braces and some PVC pipes, provides a holder for your ladder(s).


4 – Garden tools are often left sparse throughout the garage and garden. With just a simple pallet turned the right way, you can have an instant compartmentalized holder to keep them all in one place. (Good for recycling the pallet too!)


5 – Lastly, for everything else that makes its way from the house to the garage, clean, labeled bins neatly organized on shelves, can solve the problem for even the most disorganized hoarders! Just name the bin and place its content in, et voila!


Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

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5 Ideas To Integrate Marsala Into Your Design

Category : Decor Centres

Unlike Benjamin Moore’s preference for a neutral pastel hue, Pantone made the bold Marsala its color of the year: “This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.” Let’s see how the versatility of Marsala can help you design your space.

1 – As a main color in space, Marsala makes a bold statement about the vibe of a room!


2 – Continuing with the floral theme trending this year, incredibly artistic wallpapers bring a lot of character and elegance to a room, especially if contrasted with cleaner furniture.



3 – Pillows and rugs in Marsala hues can make a space look stylish!



4 – Marsala is an incredible choice for sofa and chair fabrics and if used in combination with different shapes and styles, it can make a room pop!



5 – Drapes and wall art are a further way to incorporate the sophisticated color in your room!



Let us know how we can help you style up or completely redesign your space with this classy color and check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas!

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5 Fabulous Finds for Salvage Items

Category : Decor Centres

This week we’re looking at some clever ways to use five salvage items we’ve found roaming around markets and stores.

1 – Vintage nautical pulley turned light fixture. This wooden pulley, right off an old boat, has found a new life as a crafty light fixture perfect for an industrial looking space.


2- Old wine bottle drying rack turned glasses drying rack. When my grandpa would make his own wine, he used a similar looking rack to dry the empty bottles, before filling them. Today, it’s a cool addition to a kitchen counter, bringing glasses out of the cupboard and resting in plain view, contributing a country/funky feel.


3 – Vintage suitcases turned side table. Old style suitcases, in different sizes and color, can make for an inventive and colorful end table: just stack them and add an exotic touch to your bedroom or living room!

Stacked luggage as end table

4 – Old Chest turned coffee table. Antique chests such as this one can turn a coffee table into the focal point of a room! With or without a glass top, and as an extra storage device, it is really a treasure chest! This one from Living Spaces (retail $420) is a great find.


5 – Vintage signs turned wall décor. These road signs contribute a unique wall décor to any room and can be arranged in a fun way in a boy’s bedroom, as a wall mural, adding a lot of personality to the space!


Check out our Pinterest boards to get more ideas and let us know if we can help you incorporate these and other finds in your decor!

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5 Creative Ways to Upcycle a Pallet

Category : Decor Centres

Pallets are versatile when it comes to incorporating salvaged wood into the design of a room, from flooring to walls, tables to lighting fixtures, in the bedroom or in the office, kitchen or garden, you name it! A pallet (or a few of them) can go a long way!

Here are 5 creative ways to bring a pallet to new life:

1 – Desk

A rustic/industrial look can be added to your home office by putting together an easily assembled desktop, sustained by wooden or metal legs. The more variety in pallet boards and their treatment, the more the character!

2 1

2 – Flooring

A variety of different shipping pallets, accurately sanded, stained and finished, offers a inexpensive, warm and custom made wood floor! Use different stains for the pallets to create a unique look!


3 – Wall

The same principle applied to floors, can double for a “vertical” use of pallet slats, giving a wall in the living room or office a completely distinctive vibe. Add a splash of color by treating some of the pallet slats with neutral colors such as light blues or greens.



4 – Wall Hanger/Holder

One full pallet could be repurposed for two different but similar uses. Half of it as a practical bottle and glass holder, a hanging bar, if you will! The other half, with the addition of some fun and colorful knobs, can serve as a coat hanger.

There are many more uses for a hanging pallet, sanded and stained; jewelry holder, picture frames or plants display, bathroom towels holder… the possibilities are endless!



5 – Patio Furniture

A couple of pallets combined with a few more pieces of scrap wood and some pillows can turn into cozy patio furniture, from sofas to lounge chairs and table. Use different tints of stain to add some warmth to the wood and some colored fabrics for a personalized touch!




Visit our Pinterest board to find out more about these and other creative ways to up cycle a pallet!

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3 Ideas To Integrate Guilford Green Into Your Design

Category : Decor Centres

Benjamin Moore recently named Guilford Green as color of the year: “A neutral color that is a natural. A silvery green that works a wide range of color combinations – from neutrals to daring shades.” Let’s explore some options to make this neutral hue part of your rooms design.

1 – Whether for a bedroom or living room, Guilford green can accentuate the natural light in a room, creating a bright and inviting environment.


2 – Used with furniture, like the chair pictured below, the contrast of Guilford green can bring up the boldness of the room.


3- Accent in Guilford green with throws and pillows. They blend in perfectly with bright rooms in the same hues, conveying a harmonious feel to the overall environment.



Call us and let us help you put a little green in your space! Check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas!

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